Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quick sex equals text (or it seems)

Just out of the press and welcome to my first post...

Those looking for a quick shag are more likely to use text to set up dates, according to a survey of 1,000 people carried out by online dating service

Sixty per cent of casual daters set up their first dates by text, while those looking for love were more likely to make a voice call. Sixteen per cent of those casuals would also send a text directly after meeting up for the first time, while only three per cent of the romantic souls would do the same, preferring to wait a day or two and then follow up by phone. You would have thought that dating online would have made people less shy...
"Whilst phoning someone you don't know very well to arrange a date may be more nerve-wracking, people who are really taking it seriously will feel the extra effort is worth it," commented Dr Lukats, who led the research.

This will be my new litmus test to see if a guy likes me or not. . . if he is just text messaging me then I know he is making a booty call, but if he actually calls me... Then, he is sending a strong signal that he is interested. Off the record, it was also suggested that among lesbians (a nice site at pink is beautiful) who find dates online the percentage of calls vs. the text messaging is higher. Go girls!

Now, what I really want to know is how email works into this. . . I have stopped giving out my email address to men who I meet because I think it makes them lazy... even if we are just going to hook up, a phone call is just much more personal. I mean, reach out and touch me! All alone, waiting for the telephone. There is just something so much more romantic about hearing your lover’s voice instead of getting a written message! Do men realize that there is a "sensitive" issue involved in trying to date a woman and do they factor in that the method used to reaching out is equally or much more important than the message? BODY LANGUAGE SPEAKS!

My 2 cents.